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Order your Odyssey yearbook today!
  • All-color pages that vibrantly capture school memories
  • A durable, long-lasting hard cover for protection
  • Lots of pictures of friends and events worth remembering
  • New sections and more pages
  • Treasured memories for a lifetime

Order online at ybpay.lifetouch.com.

When ordering, use the following Yearbook ID code:  11881218

Or pay by check or cash!  Make checks payable to Odyssey Charter School.  Turn in order forms to Hope Callahan Rm. C144


Buy a personal ad for your business or for your student! Or even buy an ad and share it with a friend or a group of friends.  This way you share the cost of the ad, too.  It’s fun to share an ad with friends and it cuts the price in half or even more!  Contact Hope Callahan for further information at hcallahan@odysseycharterschool.net or 770-251-6111 ext. 227.








  • Submit pictures for yearbook consideration
  • After all, parents and students are at every event and take great photos!  Please email photos to Ms. Callahan.


Odyssey is very proud of our Yearbooks! Odyssey PTO sponsors the production of our Odyssey Charter School Yearbook every year. This huge endeavor is led by our fabulous Gifted teacher, Ms. Hope Callahan, along with a few student helpers. Our yearbooks are hard-cover, full-color books and usually have about 90 pages and a huge number of pictures, both candid and staged.  We sell 200+ annually.

Everyone can contribute to the yearbook! If you have taken some awesome pictures at an Odyssey event or activity, or even just in the classroom, you can submit them to be included in the yearbook. Some pictures may even end up on our school website.

We also have yearbook personal ads for sale!  Please contact Ms. Callahan.

We have the ability to order yearbooks online – see the directions above.

If you would like to purchase copies of a yearbook from a past year, please contact Ms. Callahan directly.