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Uniforms Proposal

In a school-wide survey, stakeholders/parents voted on whether or not to adopt a uniform policy, and over 60% of the people that participated in the survey voted to adopt uniforms.  The Board, based on this information, voted to amend our dress code to be uniforms beginning with the 2017-2018 school year.  The Board tasked a uniform committee to gather information from stakeholders/parents as to what kind of uniforms/specifics and to create a uniform policy proposal.  Mr. Hooper and Mrs. Gibson have held 4 uniform meetings thus far.  Based on those 4 meetings’ input, a proposal was made to the Board by Mr. Hooper at the January 2017 Board Meeting, but the Board wanted this to return to the parents stating that since the parents asked for uniforms, the parents need to present the uniform proposal.  There will be another meeting regarding uniform policy in the future.

At the 4th uniform meeting in January 2017 the following presentation was presented to parents.



Please watch this page for any updates regarding the proposed uniform policy.