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Important information about car line and buses

Important Carline information:

  • Remember we have TWO carline times: 1st carline is for grades K-3 only and starts at 2:45 PM and ends at 3:05 PM.  If you have a student(s) in grades K-3, you must pick up your student(s) within these times.  2nd carline is for grades 4-8 and starts at 3:10 PM and ends at 3:30 PM.  If you have students in both carlines, please pick them up in the 2nd  Do not come to both carlines.
  • There are TWO lanes for carline, please move into the second lane and do not block the entrance for the second lane.
  • Please do not show up early, unless you are checking your child out. For 1st carline, you can start moving into the property and form a carline at 2:20 PM and for 2nd carline, the staff member will only direct you into the property between 3:05 PM-3:07 PM.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that we are not parking in the street, as large trucks use the street and need to get through.
  • We currently do not have before and/or afterschool so your child must be picked up by 3:30 PM.
  • During carline, please move your car up as far as possible to the person in front of you, we have limited space out there and need to squeeze as many cars in as possible.
  • Please do not get out of your car during carline and/or wave your child over to your car, this is a danger to all involved. The staff will release the students and help them find your car.
  • Please move our vehicle ONLY when the staff member tells you to move.
  • Please DO NOT park in our neighbor’s parking area (front or back) and please DO NOT block the driveways when you are in line in the street.


Important Bus Information:

  • At this time buses have very limited space, we have notified all parents if your child can ride the bus. Only the children currently on the list can ride the bus at this time.  If you would like your child to ride the bus, you will have to turn in all appropriate paperwork and you will be placed on a waitlist.  Please email Lwaldroup@odysseycharterschool.net if you have any questions.
  • Riding on an Odyssey bus is a privilege and all safety rules must be followed at all times. If rules are not followed, disciplinary actions will be taken and you could lose your privilege to ride the bus.
  • Please be at the bus stops 5 minutes early.
  • Never let your child walk behind the bus, please ALWAYS park on the bus door side of the bus.
  • To pick up your child at the bus stops you will need the PURPLE bus placard available and in the driver’s sight. Children are not allowed off the bus unless the driver can see the placard.
  • Monitors will be on the buses for the morning pick up. They will be taking temperatures before your child is allowed on the bus.  Please do not leave the parking area until your child is given the ok to proceed onto the bus.  If you leave before your child is allowed on the bus and they have a temperature, the resource officer will be called to come to sit with the child until you come back.
  • Our buses are on a tight schedule and need to stay on schedule. If you are late in the morning to the bus stop, please take your child straight to school.  In the afternoon please call the school, and then head to the school to pick up your child. The bus will bring them back to the school at the end of their route.
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