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Title I Transitions

Odyssey helps prepare students and families transition through key grade levels because there are social, emotional, and academic changes so big they can affect all aspects of the student and family experience. Odyssey offers meetings for

  • the lower elementary students transitioning to upper elementary into 4th and 5th grade in August/September;
  • the elementary to middle school students transitioning from 5th to 6th grade in August/September;
  • any pre-schoolers transitioning to Kindergarten in January;
  • and our middle schoolers transitioning to high school from 8th to 9th grade through multiple meetings – 1st Odyssey meeting January/February, High school meetings January-February, 2nd Odyssey meeting May.


Georgia Department of Education’s page on Transitions

Transition into Kindergarten for preschoolers and families

Odyssey holds an annual Transition to Kindergarten Open House for any preschooler and their family to attend. During this night families are able to learn more about how to prepare their child for Kindergarten, visit a Kindergarten classroom, and have their questions answered about the Kindergarten transition and Odyssey Charter School.

Transitioning to Kindergarten Open House – February 8, 2022 – 6:00 pm
If you missed the meeting, we have many resources available right here:

Transition into High School for 8th graders and families

Because Odyssey feeds into all 3 county high schools, but is not part of the county system we have some unique transitional challenges. In our first meeting we address course selection including a representative from the Central Education Center (CEC), and graduation planning. In our May meeting we address registration paperwork with our registrar and high school transitional challenges with our alumni panel. On this page we also include flyers for the high school transitional nights which occur between January and February.


More information on the Central Education Center (CEC)

View the High School Course Catalogue (by graduating year)


Attention 8th Grade families: We would love to have you attend our first Transition to High School Meeting!  Stay tuned for further details.


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