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Board Committees

Committees provide a process by which stakeholders have continued involvement in educational improvement through suggestions and recommendations to the Governing Board. Some committees work on an on-going basis while others work on an as-needed basis. Committee members are asked, among other things, to elicit input from students, faculty, staff and community members, provide alternative solutions to issues, and make recommendations for implementation to the Board.

The committees and their respective responsibilities include:

  • Community RelationsThis committee seeks opportunities to generate interest and increase awareness of Odyssey in the community, develops strategies that encourage local community involvement and investment in Odyssey’s mission, and advises the Board on ways to promote Odyssey through all media venues (newspaper, website, social media, etc.).
  • Governance – This committee assists with developing Board policies, procedures and by-law amendments, policy oversight, and appointment of members.
  • Personnel – This committee assists with any employment concerns as directed by the board or requested by the school.
  • Academic Oversight – This committee provides assistance with all academic areas including instruction, curriculum, etc.
  • Financial – This committee drafts the budget in conjunction with school administration, reviews monthly financial statements and the yearly audit.


If you would like to contact the members of a Board Committee or if you are interested in serving on any of the above committees, please contact the Board President.

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