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With a focus on woodwinds, brass, and percussion, Band students enjoy making the acquaintance of an instrument that quickly becomes a means of daily expression. Practices of good tone and technique are established early in the year as scholars mature their understanding of the language of music. Most importantly, Band is fun!

All ensemble members perform at the holiday concert, spring concert, and presentations at various local nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout the year. Over the years, Odyssey students have earned spots in the Coweta County District Honor Band and many more continue to play in their high school and college bands.

5th grade – Beginning Band

In fifth grade, Odyssey scholars are introduced to band instruments by choosing one instrument to play for the entire year. Through a detailed and thorough selection process, scholars choose their instruments based on music aptitude, personality, and body type (the shape of their lips and teeth, as well as arm and finger length) in order to ensure the most success during this year. Fifth graders rent or purchase their instruments from Music And Arts in Peachtree City. As they progress in learning the fundamentals on their instrument, fifth grade scholars are invited to join the middle school band rehearsals and perform with them a selection at the holiday and Spring concerts.

6th and 7th Grade – Intermediate Band

Music goals for intermediate band curriculum include identifying  and learning music theory concepts including staff notation, time signatures, key signatures, tempo, dynamics, melody, and harmony.

Students will be exposed to and learn new music literature. They will play alone and in ensemble a varied repertoire of music as they prepare music for performance and performance evaluation.

Students will demonstrate a greater ensemble awareness through proper rehearsal technique and performance etiquette. They will learn to interpret and express a more refined understanding  of the musical concepts of balance, blend, intonation, and timing. They will listen to and perform music in the context of its history and culture using media and technology resources.  The Intermediate band will play music at Levels 1 and 2. The songs have notes that are more difficult to play and there may be sequences of notes that are more challenging.

7th and 8th Grade – Advanced Band

Students will learn and play alone and in ensemble a varied repertoire of music in preparation for performance and performance evaluation.

Music goals for the advanced band curriculum include the continued  study and analysis of music theory and the development of a stronger understanding of complex rhythms and multi-time signatures.  Physiological and anatomical components of performance are studied. Stretching, singing, and breathing exercises will serve to reinforce the fundamentals of proper practice and performance technique.

Students will continue to reinforce proper warm-up techniques and ensemble skills through performance of ensemble literature, rehearsal etiquette, dynamic expression, stylistic interpretation, blend and balance, steady tempo, rhythmic accuracy, and proper intonation.

The study of simple musical ornamentation stylistically representative of the historic period may be involved. Further, students will demonstrate advanced sight-reading and performance skills by applying their understanding of complex timing and standard notation systems into individual and ensemble performances at an advanced band level.

Students will further analyze and apply musical terms and music theory components being studied in the music literature to practice and performance. Advanced band students will also listen to, analyze, and perform music literature in the context of its history and culture using media and technology resources. Advanced Band will play music at Levels 2 thru 4.

Practice Requirements

Students are required to practice 100 minutes per week on their own time (after school) as part of their student centered learning process. There may also occasionally be after school practices before performances to ensure that students are well-prepared.  Those times will be scheduled as needed by the band director.

Band Instruments

Odyssey owns various musical instruments including clarinets, flutes, trumpets, trombones, baritones, drums and bell kits.  Students may use these instruments provided they purchase their own mouthpiece. Percussion students playing snare drum will need to provide their own drum.  Otherwise, students may rent or purchase instruments from Music & Arts (Peachtree City) which rent student instruments. Also parents are advised to check online (Craigslist/Amazon/Ebay/OfferUp) and area pawn shops which frequently have instruments for sale.

Odyssey will also gladly accept donations of instruments! Please contact the Band Director if you have any questions or you have an instrument that you would like to donate.

Rock Band

The Rock Band ensemble meets after school one day per week. More information about this Extracurricular activity can be found on our Rock Band page.

Meet the Teacher

Our Band Director is Patrick Thompson.


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