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MS Enrichment

Our Middle School scholars can choose from a variety of Enrichment classes that are taken as electives.  These classes meet every day for an entire semester, which allows scholars more time to advance their skills. Below is a short description of each.


Advanced Art

Students who take Advanced Art will deepen their understanding of the technical aspects of art such as shading, value, drawing, perspective, negative space and composition, as well as art terms and vocabulary.  Students will keep a sketchbook for brainstorming and independent thought and this will help them as they create paintings and drawings from life. Student work may be chosen for competitions and exhibitions. Advanced Art has a smaller class size so students have more one on one time with the teacher.


Broadcasting & Journalism

This course introduces the fundamental skills of producing a newspaper publication, including journalistic writing and editing, layout and design, interviewing, and photography. One of the purposes of this course is to produce a quality newspaper employing the current standards of middle school journalism and the tenets of good newspaper design. It is also to cover the entire school population and report on as many events as possible in each quarter. Students will work collaboratively to produce The Eye of the Tiger school newspaper each quarter.

Additionally, this class is a media and broadcasting class designed to provide students with a groundwork in various forms of media, including writing, videography, broadcasting, or public speaking.  This facet of the course will have two focuses. The first is to develop the skills necessary to run a news broadcast and will cover topics such as interviewing, videography, photography, and familiarity with U.S. and world news.  The second is to use editing software to create creative videos with a variety of topics. Students will have the opportunity to present their work to the student body via TV broadcast.


Conversational Spanish

Conversational Spanish is a course that explores cultural topics and allows students to expand their ability to converse in Spanish. It goes beyond the regular Connections Spanish by giving students the opportunity to enrich their vocabulary and converse in a smaller group. It also assists students in developing their research skills while exploring cultural topics through projects on Spanish-speaking countries, regions of Spain and famous Hispanic people.



In drama, scholars get to express their creativity in a variety of ways. This includes learning about improv, interpreting and reciting poetry, and participating in traditional, scripted plays. We hope to perform several plays during the school year.


Ukulele and Guitar

With a focus on ensemble playing and singing, middle school students enjoy making the acquaintance of an instrument that quickly becomes a means of daily expression. Practices of good tone and technique are established early in the semester as students mature their understanding of the language of music. Most importantly, Ukulele is fun!

As an enrichment class, the Ukulele and Guitar ensemble is a scholar-led, interest-based course. No prior musical knowledge or skills are necessary to participate in this class. Scholars learn the basics of the instrument including instrument care, correct posture and sound production, correct fingerings and position, practice habits, scales, and strumming patterns. After these skills are assessed and mastered, scholars choose repertoire and create arrangements that include other classroom instruments in addition to the ukuleles and guitars.



Robotics is an enrichment connection that middle school students are able to choose. It requires them to use the engineering design process in a collaborative setting. They will also participate in competitions. During the first semester, students work together to design, build, test, and redesign a robot that could successfully compete in the BEST Robotics competition, followed by studying the components of a basic computer. During the second semester, students will work on designing and building a Rube Goldberg contraption to successfully compete in the National Rube Goldberg Competition. Students will then be challenged to engineer robots that can compete against each other following the guidelines of Robot Battles (not the same thing as Battlebots).



The Sports enrichment class will go beyond the typical focus to give students a deeper understanding of various sports, games and activities. Students will be encouraged to push themselves in these activities and try to develop a deeper set of skills than in a typical Physical Education class. On top of that, students in Sports Enrichment will have access to various games and activities not offered in Physical Education. This is a class for students interested in staying active and learning new and exciting things about some sports that they already know and some they haven’t had the opportunity to experience yet.

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