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K-8th Grade Technology

Technology education courses are designed to prepare students to live and work in the 21st century.

In computer courses students learn to use computers as tools for word processing, databases, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, multimedia presentations, etc.  Students also learn about internet safety and cyber-bullying prevention.  Each of these lessons can tie into and support core areas of learning, such as ELA, Math and Science.  Because Odyssey is fully integrated with 1:1 technology in the classroom, it is important that the students understand how to use these tools so that their learning is supported in the same way as with paper and pencil, but with far greater potential!  We use Learning.com as a place to start the discussions and learning.  These video/game based learning tools help introduce new topics in a fun and creative way and are currently aligned with multiple standards, including Georgia Standards, National Educational Technology Standards (NETS), and Common Core, to name a few. While technology is fun and exciting, it is also important that students remember that technology touches every part of their daily lives, and that the tools they learn to use are going to help them succeed!

STEM Career Exploration grades 5-8 “Endeavor”
Computer Science Enrichment


6th-8th Grade Engineering

Middle School Engineering Technology class is a wonderful introduction into the Engineering Design Process, an organized method of approaching and solving problems, with plenty of hands on engineering activities.

In Engineering Technology, students gain practical, collaborative, and leadership skills while learning about real world applications of manufacturing, engineering, and design.  The curriculum follows Georgia CTAE Engineering Standards and includes the study of career pathways, the history, systems and processes of innovation and invention, an introduction to computer aided design (CAD) and 3D printing, and the fundamentals of engineering procedures, and develop solutions to problems and predict the success of an engineering solution while completing hands-on instructional activities.  Scholars will create items using our 3D printer. This class involves a little hard work and a whole lot of fun!


Tiger STEAM Club

For 4th-8th Grade scholars with an interest in engineering and technology, we also offer an extra-curricular Tiger STEAM Club.  The Tiger STEAM Club is cross-curricular and can involve robotics, math, coding, engineering, chemistry, astronomy… or anything else that falls within STEAM subjects!


Meet the Teacher

Our Technology/Engineering Teacher is Carissa Shuman.



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