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Important Information Regarding Bus Service

Buses will resume on Monday, November 9, 2020.  There are some changes you should be aware of:
  1. We have limited space on the buses this year.  We will only have 2 students per seat.  All students must wear a mask for the entire bus ride.
  2. Morning rider changes:
  • ALL Parents must STAY in the parking lot until your child is permitted on the bus.  Children will line up at the bus and the Bus Monitor will make sure your child is wearing a mask, then check temperatures before they are allowed on the bus.  If your child is wearing a mask and does not have a temperature they will be allowed on the bus and you may leave the parking lot.  If you leave the parking lot before your child is permitted on the bus and they have a temperature, we will be required to call the resource officer to come and sit with your child until you can arrive.  We want to make sure our buses maintain a safe environment for our students and we also need to stay on schedule.
  • Parents and/or Guardians are the only persons that are allowed to drop off and/or pick up your child from our school bus stops.  DayCare/Boys & Girls Club buses are not permitted to drop off and/or pick up from our bus stops.  They will have to come to our school during our carline time to drop off and/or pick up.  No exceptions.    

3.  At this time we are notifying face to face students only, that they will be bus riders.  We will notify all virtual students in December, before Christmas break.  There is a waitlist so if you do not need bus service, please let us know.

If we do not have all the required transportation paperwork turned in at this time, you can turn it in and we will add you to the waiting list.  You can find both forms on our Odyssey website under School life / Bus Transportation Info / Bus Rules.  Both forms have to be completed in order to be approved for the bus.
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