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Do you need to submit an item to the News/Daily News?  After your information has been approved by the Principal, all you have to do is fill out the form to the right.  Be sure to fill in ALL the blanks, add your attachment(s) to using the CHOOSE FILE button for up to 4 .JPG or .PNG files (if you have more than 4 just make another submission with the additional files) and SUBMIT POST.  If you have a .PDF or non-image file to attach – please email it to sdooley@odysseycharterschool.net.

  • Please include your phone number after your name so we can call if we have any questions.
    • Bob Smith, (770)123-4567
  • If you are submitting an attachment(s) – please mention it after your name and phone number so we know to look for it! The attachment goes into a separate folder.
    • Bob Smith, (770)123-4567,  2 pictures,  1 emailed PDF
  • After you submit, make sure you get the green confirmation message showing it was submitted successfully.  If you do not see the confirmation – it did not submit.


Once approved, your post will immediately appear on the Odyssey Daily News page and will go out in the next day’s Daily News.

If you have any questions, please email sdooley@odysseycharterschool.net or call the School Office at (770) 251-6111.

Thank you!


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