14 St. John Circle, Newnan, GA 30265 --- (770) 251-6111
Date:August 11, 2019

Barnum McGill, Kayla

Spanish Teacher



Kayla Barnum is our Spanish Teacher. Señora Kayla graduated from the University of West Georgia with a degree in Speech Pathology. She joined the Odyssey family at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. Señora Kayla was inspired to help with Spanish because she has studied it for several years and has a passion for it. After graduating college, she traveled to Barcelona, Spain to study Spanish for three months while living with a host family. Señora Kayla wants to help encourage students to learn Spanish because she believes it is a challenge that can eventually open many doors for them and help them to connect with others in an inspiring way.

In her free time, Señora Kayla enjoys listening to music, traveling, cooking new recipes, and spending time with her family. At the top of Señora Kayla’s bucket list is traveling to at least one country on every continent and she would also like to learn to speak Italian.

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