14 St. John Circle, Newnan, GA 30265 --- (770) 251-6111
Date:May 15, 2015

Davis, Pat

Middle School Special Education Paraprofessional


davisPat Davis has a strong passion for education. She has dedicated much of her life to the education of children. She started out at a church pre-school for 14 years, the next 7 years at a middle school in Carroll County, and has enjoyed being an Odyssey Tiger since 2011. Being a Georgia State Certified Paraprofessional since 2003, Pat has worked with children in all subjects but has a real passion for math. Having the same schedule as her 2 daughters, education has given her time to work and time off to spend with her children as they were growing up. Now she enjoys spending free time with her grandchildren, Caden and Carson.

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