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Date:May 14, 2015

Fisher, Kelli

Math 180 Teacher
Website – http://kfishermathconnection.weebly.com/


fisherMrs. Fisher graduated from Kennesaw State University earning a BS in Education (4-8) with concentrations in Mathematics and Science.  She has been a member of NCTM since 1996 and PDK – Professional Association for Educators since 1998, earning the Distinguished Kappan Award in 2005.   It is hard to believe she has been teaching middle school math in Coweta County for over 20 years between working at East Coweta M.S. , Arnall M.S., and Tutoring 4th-10th grade students as well.  It is Mrs. Fisher’s belief that students should enjoy learning mathematics and was inspired to teach Middle School Mathematics so students can believe in themselves and know that anyone can be a “Math Person!”

The Fisher family is very musical and Mrs. Fisher is a 3rd generation musician (grandmother, parents, and siblings are all musicians.)  She met her husband in the Georgia Tech Marching Band and has been playing clarinet in the Cobb Wind Symphony as a charter member since 1999.  Mrs. Fisher is thrilled that both of her sons have continued the tradition as 4th generation musicians playing trumpet/mellophone and trombone/baritone in concert and marching band at Northgate H.S.  Her eldest son is attending Kennesaw State University (Marietta Campus) and her youngest son is a senior at Northgate High School.  Mr. Fisher has traveled all over the world for his job, and he often brings something back to add to Mrs. Fisher’s music collection.  All of the Fishers are hoping to accompany him on a trip to Japan in the near future.  Since 2006, Mrs. Fisher has been involved with Flint River Council-BSA, completing Wood Badge course S9-95-12, earning her beads in 2013, and serving as Wood Badge Staff instructor in 2013, 2016 and 2019.   One letter that probably describes Mrs. Fisher best is the Letter “M” for Mathematician, Mentor, and Musician!

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