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Date:August 08, 2017

Garner, Janelle

ESOL Consultant


Janelle Garner has earned an ED.D.


1969-1972;  MD Collins High School; Diploma
1993-1994;  Clayton State University, Morrow, GA; Associated Degree / Education
1994-1997;  Brenau University; Gainesville, GA; Bachelor Degree / Science and Math
1998-2000;  State University of West Georgia; Carrollton, GA; Master Education/Science
2000-2003;  State University of West Georgia;  Carrollton, GA; Education Specialist
2002-2003;  Georgia RESA; Grantville, GA; ESOL Certification
2003-2005;  State University of West Georgia; Masters in Leadership
2009-2012;  Liberty University; Lynchburg, VA; Doctorate


Published Works

The  Relationship of  ESOL students and Extracurricular Activity; 2001

Extracurricular  Activity Participation and Student Success; 2012

Awards Received

Pi Delta Kappa
Honor Society Brenau University
Teacher of the Year


Teaching Inspiration

Mr. Leonard Roy, her high school History teacher inspired Janelle to teach.  He was the first teacher who did not ask her to read and answer questions at the end of a chapter.  He challenged his students to learn in a method that was best for them. Janelle saw him influence students who would have never had confidence in their abilities; both academically and socially and knew that she wanted to do the same.


Bucket List

Complete the novel she is writing.

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