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Date:July 30, 2015

Norred, Jamie

Middle School STEP Teacher


norredJamie Norred is one of the Gifted teachers at Odyssey. Prior to joining the Odyssey family, she taught for over thirty years in Fayette County schools. During the majority of those years she taught gifted social studies to seventh and eighth graders.
Jamie graduated from the University of Georgia with her Bachelors and Masters degrees and received her Educational Specialist degree from the University of  West Georgia. She also has her National Boards Teaching Certification.  Her ultimate goal is to teach kids HOW to think but not necessarily WHAT to think. She wants her students to become educated citizens who will look at all the facts of an issue and arrive at a thoughtful educated conclusion.
Ms. Norred enjoys reading, traveling, painting, playing with her dog Lucy, and watching the history channel and (she’s a little embarrassed to admit) reality TV. Becoming a teacher was pretty much a “no-brainer” as she loves learning and sharing knowledge with kids who are infinitely amusing and interesting. There is no job in the world she would rather do… other than maybe be a member of the British royal family – partly for their great British accents and partly because it would be nice to have amazing clothes and own your own country. Ha.
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