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Date:May 14, 2015

Packer, Robin

7th & 8th Grade Teacher – Math
Website – http://rpacker.weebly.com/


packerRMs. Robin Packer is the 7th and 8th Grade Mathematics teacher at Odyssey.  Robin has been with Odyssey since 2012 and has a son who attends Odyssey.  Ms. Packer is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and a product of the Atlanta Public School System.  She received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Georgia State University.

Before entering the field of education, Ms. Packer worked at Georgia Tech as an event coordinator for their bookstore. Ms. Packer has been in the field of education since 2005.  She previously worked for Clayton County Public Schools where she was a long term math substitute and then a middle school math teacher at their alternative school.

Ms. Packer’s biggest inspiration was her mother, Mrs. Yvonne R. Packer, who was an elementary school teacher for over thirty years.  Even after being offered many positions in the central office, she remained in the inner city classroom for the whole time because she felt that is where she could make the biggest impact.

Ms. Packer has a LONG travel bucket list. But her top three are visiting Jerusalem, the pyramids in Egypt, and the Great Wall in China.

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