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Date:May 14, 2015

Richardson, Amy


richardsonAmy Richardson has been Odyssey’s bookkeeper since August 2013. She graduated with honors from Clayton College & State University in 1999 with a BBA in Accounting. Since graduating, she has worked in various accounting jobs with many different industries such as manufacturing, public accounting, aviation, commercial construction, real estate, and property management before coming to Odyssey School. Her vast experience enabled her to hit the ground running after coming aboard to become a part of the Tiger Team.

In addition to counting numbers, Amy has two children (Trent and Kassidy) with her husband Phillip. Since 2000, she and her family have lived in Senoia among The Walking Dead (where the popular television series is partially filmed). If asked which letter best describes her, she says either I, V, or X. They are not only letters of the alphabet, but they are Roman numerals which ties back to counting (accounting).

Numbers have always been up Amy’s alley, but there is something totally unrelated on her bucket list. One day, she would love to write a book. It would probably be something related to adopting a child since she and her husband adopted their eldest child Trent at age four. The experience totally changed her family for obvious reasons, and she would love to share with the world how it all happened. Her door is always open, so please contact her should you ever need the school’s bookkeeper.


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