14 St. John Circle, Newnan, GA 30265 --- (770) 251-6111
Date:May 14, 2015

Wilson, Bridget

Federal Programs Manager


wilsonBridget Wilson is a Federal Programs Manager here at Odyssey. She graduated from McIntosh High School and worked as a flight attendant until 1997. She also worked with the young 2 year old class at Newnan Presbyterian Preschool from 2006-2009.  After having her two children, she developed a true interest in being involved in education and the desire to work with kids to ensure that each child understands the lessons that are presented.  She began working at Odyssey in 2009, and is an invaluable part of the school’s elementary staff.  She became a certified Paraprofessional in 2014.  Bridget is married to Mark and is the proud mom of two fabulous children, both of whom attended Odyssey.


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