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School Dress Code Policy

To see the full dress code, please go to the school website at www.odysseycharterschool.net.  Go to School Life, click on Policies, and then click Dress Code.



The Odyssey dress code has been established to support and encourage a standard of respect for all
scholars and results in a higher standard of behavior. The dress code guidelines indicate appropriate
school dress for normal school days. Odyssey Charter School administration reserves the right to
interpret these guidelines and/or make changes during the academic school year.

School uniforms shall be worn by every scholar in attendance, every day.

If scholars are in violation of the dress code, they will be given the opportunity to correct the
violation. If failed to correct, they may be asked to call home for appropriate clothing and/or may
receive disciplinary consequences as determined by the administrative staff.

Section 1: Uniform Attire

Shirts: Uniform polo shirts are Black, White, and Gold and must be purchased from J&R
Clothing. Scholars may wear both short and long sleeved approved logo shirts. Shirts must be
tucked in at all times. These are the only uniform shirts permitted to be worn in school. Shirts
from other vendors than J&R Clothing are considered “Out of Uniform”.

Jackets: Jackets worn inside the school building must have the school logo. These can be
purchased at J&R Clothing. No hooded sweatshirts or hooded apparel are to be worn in the
classroom at any time.

J & R Clothing Uniforms  600 W Lanier Ave, Fayetteville, GA 30214 Phone: 770-461-3440 (Right next to Truett’s Luau)

Slacks/Shorts: Uniform pants, skirts, shorts, or skorts must be Khaki or Black and can be obtained
from the vendor of your choice. All pants in grades 4-8 must have a black/brown belt. Plain white
or black tights may be worn under skirts or skorts. Baggy pants, cargo pants, and colored jeans will
not be permitted. Shorts must be finger tipped length or long. All pants to be worn at the waist, no

Socks/Shoes: Low cut black or white tennis shoes are worn with the uniform along with clean
socks. High top and mid top tennis shoes will not be an accepted part of the uniform. Appropriate
socks must be worn with the uniform, and may not be a distraction.

 Hair: Hair must be neat and clean without “unnatural” hair colors, (i.e. pink, purple, blue, green
etc). Girls may wear headbands or bows to match their uniform. Colored feathers or unnatural hair
extensions are not allowed. Hair designs are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to,
shapes, sports logos or Mohawks. Girls can wear head bands or bows that match their uniform.
In General: Boys and girls may not wear body piercing other than earrings or studs in their
No chains on wallets or chain belts are allowed at any time.   No wheeled back packs or tow behind cases are allowed in the halls or classes.

This dress code represents the minimum standard for attire. Additional clothing items
such as blazers with logo, sweaters with logo, and fleece jackets with logo and oxford
shirts with logo can be added to the scholar’s attire, but must be purchased from J&R

Community Attire – All scholars must have a minimum of 1 black polo shirt with the
Odyssey Charter School logo and 1 pair of khaki uniform pants. These items must be of
good quality for scholars to appropriately represent Odyssey Charter School in the

To see addition dress code information please see check the school website at www.odysseycharterschool.net click School Life and then Dress Code Uniform

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