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School Counselor


School Counselors Support Safe & Healthy Schools

School Counselors work with students, school staff, and parents to assist students in becoming successful learners. 

The Odyssey School Counseling Program exists to further the intellectual, career, emotional, and social development of all students. The counselor is the school leader for social and emotional learning. The school counselor partners with school staff to apply learning theory and neuroscience to create welcoming learning environments. Techniques are drawn from current understanding of brain, body, and mind and the needs of the school population. 

Counselor support to students include large group guidance, focused small group experiences, developing academic and behavior strategies for individuals, and responding to referrals. Counselor support to teachers includes consulting on behavior and learning strategies at the classroom or individual level; providing classroom lessons about social, emotional, or academic topics; and assisting in the delivery of a social and emotional learning curriculum.

School counselors bring a mental health perspective to education issues but they are not LPCs (licensed professional counselors). Upon request, the counselor can provide families a list of outside professionals to meet the needs of students.

In addition to supporting teachers in implementing social and emotional learning, the Counselor provides school-level leadership regarding the following programs mandated by the Georgia Legislature:

  1. Anti-Bullying Initiatives K-8
  2. Character Education K-8
  3. Dual Enrollment (8th grade)
  4. Career Development 6-8
  5. Sexual Abuse and Assault Awareness K-8
  6. Suicide Prevention

The school counselor also serves on the School Building Crisis Management Team.

Mrs. Cyle Bohannon is our full-time school counselor.  Parents, please call 770.251.6111 with questions or concerns.


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