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Alert Solutions


Log into PowerSchool, go to Alert Solutions, and choose how you would like to be alerted – choose phone, email, and/or SMS text.

From weather-related closings and schedule changes, to fundraising event reminders, Alert Solutions’ school notification system provides schools with an easy way to communicate with student families and staff members using communication channels they prefer: email, voice and SMS text messaging.

Alert Solutions offers school administrators a reliable school notification system completely embedded within PowerSchool.

Utilizing voice, SMS text and email, school administrators can send messages instantly and reliably using the integrated school notification system.


Don’t forget to update the way you receive alert notifications from the school!  You may choose EXACTLY how you want to be notified.  For example, you may prefer a General Announcement to come via email, but a School Cancellation Message to come via text.

  • Log into PowerSchool
  • From the left side choose Alert Solutions. There are 3 sections to complete:
    • Preferences by Message Type – choose at least one from text, email, and/or phone
    • Preferences by Contact Field – make sure phone numbers and emails are correct, check mark if you want Send Phone Calls, Send Text, and/or Send Emails
    • Preferences by Message Category – choose Message Category and check mark Message Types to Receive

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