Odyssey Charter School
14 St. John Circle, Newnan, GA 30265 -- (770)251-6111


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Acceptance of Terms:

  1. I have read Odyssey Charter School’s mission statement and family handbook. I commit to supporting Odyssey Charter School in the pursuit of fulfilling this mission.
  2. I understand that my child will be required to wear a school uniform. If accepted to Odyssey Charter School, I will ensure my child is in daily compliance with the school uniform policy.
  3. I understand that Odyssey Charter School has limited bus transportation. I understand that if my family chooses not to use the school’s bus service, I will be required to provide transportation to and from school and that my scholar will be dropped off and picked up on time each day.
  4. I understand that Odyssey Charter School does not offer a lunch program. If accepted, I will ensure my child has a packed lunch with him/her each school day.
  5. I understand that, pursuant to federal law, Odyssey Charter School strives for 95% attendance. I will commit to minimizing my child(ren)’s tardies and absences.
  6. I understand that all students in grades 3rd – 8th are required to take the Georgia Milestone Assessment. If accepted, I understand that there is not an option to “opt-out” of this assessment.
  7. I will promote the vision of Odyssey Charter School by using positive communication, courtesy, and respect when interacting with staff, students, parents, and anyone else in the school community.
  8. Odyssey Charter School DOES NOT require proof of COVID 19  vaccinations for enrollment.

Clicking on “I Agree” below indicates my acceptance of the policies as stated above.

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